The Goddess of your dreams.

So you are looking for the ultimate woman, a goddess on earth. The type of woman that can cleanse your soul, make you laugh, and show you the king you really are. Well here you are, you have stumbled into my temple of raw sensuality. Allow me to take you on an adventure, away from the standard confines of you every day life. It all starts, once you lay your eyes all over me, the delicious escape to a realm of freedom and abundance.

My name is Emily Monroe, the goddess who rules over your ultimate fantasies. I am a fun, bubbly, and giddy blonde that will make your heart flutter, and put the biggest smile on your face. You will find I am a very down to earth gal, and be careful because you may become addicted.

My sensuality is my spirituality. So I only hold a few close to my heart. Finding a kindred spirit give me a sense of spiritual cleanse. I love to feed my primal desires most of all. You will see the result of our delicious encounter will leave you enlightened.

You will see I do love lavish spoils, but I am a woman of variety. I dress to the occasion. Which means I can be in heels and a dress, or a pair of converse and denim jeans. Whatever the situation calls, clothing is not something that can enhance my beauty, as my personality glows no matter what I wear and you will see that for yourself!

I could go on, but I will leave a little mystery so we can get to know each other more soon. It is up to you know, if you would like to meet. Fill out my form and let’s not wait any longer to unite. xoxo -Emily Monroe