If you find yourself here, it is because you crave adventure. The kind that makes your heart flutter, and the corner of your mouth curl  up in a smile without control. I am here because I crave the same thing. 

   I originally come from Miami Florida, though about 5 years ago I sold everything I owned, bought an RV, and moved to the mountains of western North Carolina.

    I strive for a life of balance, good health, and raw happiness. Being honest, and raw is a part of who I am. The mysteries, and truth is what I pursue in this world.

     My day job is a cosplayer, and model. I love to create costumes and create hi quality erotic content in different looks and themes. Sexual expression is a big part of my creativity. Thus my sensual adventures are a huge part of my inspiration and what drives my work.

     Don't be afraid to reach out to me, don't be afraid to connect. Let me enchant you with my unique energy, let me make you laugh with my silly demeanor. Once your within my touch, at the end of my fingertips, you will feel my  healing magic.

     If you are looking for the ultimate experience and a real connection look no further. As you may have found the treasure your heart has been lusting for. 

My Favorites

Food/Drink: Sushi, Pineapple & Ham pizza, strawberries, chocolate mint ice-cream, green-tea, ginger ale, hot chocolate, guacamole, cheese, carrot cake, chicken salad, lettuce tacos, guava & cheese pastries

Music: Elvis Presley, Gorillaz, Daft Punk, Twenty One Pilots,  Marilyn Monroe, Pogo, Tobilou, Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Beach Boys


Movies: Kill Bill, Pretty Woman, Showgirls, StripTease, Stripes, 

The Fifth Element, Underworld, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, Spaceballs, Practical Magic, The Craft, Peter Pan, Snow White, Cold Mountain, Meangirls, Fanboys, Hocus Pocus, Hero,The Notebook, Elvis meets Nixon, Bubba Ho-tep, Grandma's Boy, Ghostbusters, The Lost Boys,

Legend,What we do in the Shadows, Harry Potter


Hobbies: Painting, drawing, sewing, woodcarving, hiking, meditation, streaming,masturbation, walking in forests,toking, taking pics, traveling






Tips for our Date

              I truly appreciate our time together. Getting to know someone new in my life is super special to me. If you want to make our time together the best please consider my personal comforts..

  • I love water! Upon my arrival, it is always lovely to get a refreshing glass of water. I love to stay juicy and hydrated. Don't pour it til after I arrive, safety first.

  • Let's Talk, even in tight timing like an hour I love to at least chat and get to know each other a little first. It really relaxes me to become friends first before diving into the fun.

  • Cleanliness, there is nothing sexier than a man with fresh breath, clean skin, and a nice outfit.

  • Fruit & Flowers, I completely prefer this over chocolate & champagne. Although it sounds much sexier, fruit & flowers allow me to maintain my clean diet & prevent skin breakouts. 

  • Donation, I always prefer paypal. Though if there is cash I really appreciate it if you have it in an unsealed envelope in a conspicuous spot near the entry. I also love if you get me that "glass of water" while I retrieve the envelope. When doing paypal PLEASE send as friends & family so I don't get a percentage taken out by paypal charges.

  • Dinner, if we spend more than 3 hours together I do expect to be fed a nice meal.

  • Travel, if I am traveling to you please consider my time and energy to get there, allow me time to stretch re-coup after long drives and flights. Please include airfare & uber fees up front with the deposit. 

  • Tip, it is really nice to get an extra treat! It really shows me you adore me, and want to give me a token of appreciation. It also shows respect for my time and services as a model. A small gesture can go a long way, and I don't forget those who show me extra love.