My First Time to New York City

What a fun experience! It was one of the most fun trips of my life. It was a trip made with a gentleman who I have been seeing regularly. Shit, it’s like he is my second husband. Haha! He is the one person I have seen most since my companion journey began, he was the one who helped me open my heart to all others. He is very special to me this one.

So we have been bonding, and he enjoyed my time. I guess he enjoyed my arrival in his life so much he was going to make the best of it. Make our memories last a life time. I will say he is super romantic, and is super creative when it comes to setting up dates. Or maybe I just wasn’t used to being spoiled so luxuriously like that yet. He requested my presence with him for a 24 hour date to NYC, and I was completely ready!

I was so thrilled for this trip, the biiigggg city. The one in all the movies, the big apple. I was a bit anxious actually because I am so spiritual and energy sensitive I don’t like going to cities, but this was New York..I had to make a special pardon to my personal stipulations. I wanted to be a goddess in the city, to strut the streets like the women I have seen in the movies flawlessly glammed out in heels and a fancy outfit. I wanted to play dress up.

So I went shopping, I got heels and new outfits. Fresh makeup, and a new travel bag because my last one broke. It was a pink laptop bag so this time I got something a little classier to travel with. I was sending him picture updates of me preparing myself, going to the mall/salon to prim and pamper myself. We were getting so excited, planning and chatting out details of our itinerary. He wanted to really show me the city in the one day we had. He was going to make sure it was an experience.

So I flew first class of coarse, to the NY airport. What an amazing landing seeing the city, the water, the bridges, & even a huge cemetery. I remember getting off, then going to my uber and seeing the traffic in the airport garage for taxi rides were insane. Everyone honking like crazy, the cars barely moving, New York baby.

I sat in my ride and headed to the hotel. I looked around at the buildings, and bridges. I was a little unimpressed as the buildings I passed looked really old and shitty, brick buildings. I thought this is gross, and people love this shit? Soon I would be proved wrong as I got closer and closer to my hotel, my driver brought us into the city and through the little streets..then I arrived, The Lexington.

I could tell as I got out of my car that the hotel was REALLY nice just by the entrance. My heart started to pump, and I got really energized. As soon as I walked through the doors to the left was a giant artwork of Marilyn Monroe’s face. I freaked out, stopped and snapped a shot, walked through to see the lobby full of people talking and chatting. It was not a somber quiet hotel lobby, this one was busy and there was art everywhere. Vintage inspired but you can tell it was all new, clean, modern furnishings. I got up to the elevators, they were big beautiful gold doors. I was loving every detail of this so far.

I got out of the elevator and looked to the walls for the room number. I had a double take because my room had its own arrow pointing to a different spot separate from the rest of the hallways and rooms. I was so confused, is this right? The next moment was so much fun, because it all happened at once. I walked up to the door, realized it was named “The Norma Jeane Suite” after my favorite woman in the whole world, and at the same time a guy with a HUGE vase of flowers. I giggled and said, “Are those for me?!” I smiled, turned around, knocked on the door, and my date opened it with a huge smile. The flower guy and I came in smiling together and he set it down for us on a table near by and went on his way. I think it was exciting for him to see the beautiful woman that the flowers were being delivered for.

Maybe my date remember’s my initial reaction better than I do. I just remember being so excited we were in a Marilyn themed room, and how spectacular it was. I hugged and kissed my friend, as we were so excited just to see each other and be reuniting..but it was fun breaking away from his arms to run around the apartment to see all the rooms, art, and decor, then returning to his arms to thank him again. There were pics of Marilyn and Joe Dimaggio everywhere, and when I stepped out onto the outside porch..hoolyyy moly. I was in the middle of the city, high up on the building, with taller buildings all around me and it was the classic sound of the city. You could hear the air, the cars, traffic, sirens, everything.

My date led me to the table where the flower man set down the vase. He had champagne, chocolate covered fruit, fancy snacks, and a little present bag with jewelry inside for me. I felt like such a princess, how did I get here?! How did someone become this generous with me!? I was in a moment I always dreamed of.

We spent some time together, blending and connecting. Chatting, kissing, and…you know how it goes when lovers catch up. We even laid outside on the porch on a lawnchair, hidden under a blanket kissing and playing with eachother. I remember his fingers inside me just right, he remembered the method to make me cum, and summoned my orgasms over and over while we heard the city noises around us.

There were other plans too, so we got ready. We roamed around each other bathing, doing hair/makeup, brushing our teeth. It was really sweet watching him get dressed, he always has this intense focused face when I’m thought. I loved seeing him in his basic human mode, bathing and taking care of his needs, cleaning up and getting ready.

I curled my hair, put on red lipstick, and this beautiful gold outfit with white heels. We went arm in arm down to our ride, we weren’t to far from our destination but far enough for my shoes. We got stuck in traffic only a block away so we ended up getting out to walk. My first walk in the city! Even though everyone is so unique in New York, I felt like I stuck out like a sore thumb still. I love the admiring eyes on me, so I don’t mind when I stand out as long as it is in a positive way.

“Look Up” my date says. I was so focused on looking down while I walked to make sure I don’t get my heel stuck in a crack I didn’t realize I was walking right into Time Square. I raised my head, my mouth dropped open, and the biggest smile took over my face. I was surprised! Finally seeing all the big screens lit up, cars and people everywhere, it was amazing. It was definitely a lot more narrow than I expected but it was still very grand. We crossed and arrived, we were at the theater to see The Lion King show!

It was a great show, the singing and acting was amazing, the musicians, dancers, puppets, costumes, everything. I sat there and thought, “Okay, now I understand, at least why THESE people would live in New York.” It would be amazing to be in a huge play like that, something that is still only a fantasy and dream to me.

When the show was over we went out to get a ride, and it was raining. So everyone was staying under the roof it was hard to get through people. We got closer to the street and everyone is there offering bike rides, car rides, and even a limo. My date was like why not, and we grabbed a limo ride. I felt like a movie star, walking out from the show in my golden outfit and getting into my fancy ride. There were a lot of families and kids there at the show, so it wasn’t as boujie and serious as I thought and dressed for but I didn’t care I was dressing up for my date regardless.

We took our ride to an Italian restaurant. It was a really nice one, and my first time at an authentic Italian place. Low lit, really sexy, we wined and dined right in the corner. It was narrow like a hallway and tight nit, yet still enough room from other tables and people. I loved scanning the place, seeing every time someone would peek at me and my mature gentleman enjoying our night together. I was living life just how I wanted in that moment. I felt free and on top of the world.

After dinner we called the same Limo driver back for a ride to our hotel. My date was a little sneaky sneaky, and asked the driver to put the separation window up and just keep driving for a little while. It was so much fun, now like my high school prom fantasy, sex in a limo. Fuck yeah. I crawled over to him inbetween his legs, and up onto his lap. We kissed and fucked passionately in our moving ride. What a rush!

My date made sure I got to enjoy my ride through the city too, so after our play time he had me sit and roll the window down and stick my head out. I saw people look at me with funny confused faces seeing just my head floating out the limo ride as it went by them. Seeing the huge city buildings above me, steam coming from the ground, reflections of the city lights off the wet street, I felt like Harley Quinn taking a ride through the city after a night of crime.

We enjoyed the rest of our night together, talking and love making. Just connecting deeper, and deeper. I was so tired we finally got into sleepy mode, he knocked out and I couldn’t fall asleep because the sounds of the city were so loud, I was not used to this. The next morning we woke up, I took a super hot bath, and we got dressed for another day.

We walked to a little market right near our hotel and it was so cool. It had a store full of snacks like a gas station, and all around the edges of the store was the kitchen and serving stations. They had chinese food, and breakfast. It was really awesome to a unique little spot like this, we grabbed some breakfast and sat in the window. I remember people watching those who walked by, even looking at the flower pots hanging from a lamp post, which I noticed was beautiful and Victorian styled. We finished up and headed out.

That morning we had a fun adventure in the city! He took me to Central Park Zoo, which I loved. I loooveeee animals, and I go to the zoo often at home so I was super excited to see THE famous central park zoo. It was really beautiful, and a beautiful sunny morning. Once we were done, he took me for a walk. Now we walked through central park. That was a whole experience on its own too. There were horses with buggies, saxophone players , and even a bubble man!

It was way bigger than I expected, and more beautiful than I expected. My dad is from NY, and always said its nasty and dirty, and he didn’t know why everyone glorified it so much. So I always kind of looked down my nose at New York, but seeing it in person it really was a beautiful and grand place. Once we got out of central park he wanted to take me on one last adventure.

He took me through an area called The High Line city walk. It was an old railroad that turned into an artistic park walk type thing. It was fun walking elevated through the city, so many people always everywhere.. we stopped and he spoiled me with an ice cream sandwich. I felt like an actress on set, strolling through New York with ice cream on a sunny day. Once we got back on the ground we stopped to get some NY pizza, we just had to.

We ate, went back to our hotel and enjoyed each other for a bit more before it was time to leave. Once we did, and we were in our ride to the airport..I suddenly got into a different mood. I was so sad to leave, it is always hard for me to say goodbye, especially when it is someone I care for deeply. We sat next to each other in first class, secretly holding hands under my blanket. Later on I found out I was also sitting next to a famous actress, whom I complimented her bag an she gave me her instagram to which I discovered who she was. So it was a cool chance for that to happen too!

Once we got to the Charlotte airport, we had to part ways. He had to go home, and I had to take another flight to get home. (It is always two planes for me to go anywhere so it is quite exhausting for me to travel.) We were in his home area now, so we had to be discreet. I had to pretend like I didn’t know him. Which made me even more sad, but I am professional so I played the role I promised and laid low. We wanted one last kiss though, although we didn’t know where because any moment a familiar to him could spot him in the airport, it was to risky. I walked behind him and just followed his trail. We would text each other while we were walking, planning our quick stop somewhere. Trying to keep serious faces and pretend we were just people walking through an airport as strangers.

He quickly walked over to a random little corner over by a sitting area. I did a speed walk right over to him, and I slid right into his arms. I looked up into his eyes to say goodbye and kiss him farewell. We squeezed and hugged each other really tight, and I walked away towards my terminal. It was like a scene out of a movie, again it felt like, and I looked back and saw his sad puppy dog eyes watching me walk away. I got to my terminal sat down, realized I had time and decided to go to get some heart burn medicine and a milk.

I walked back over to my terminal, and there he was. Sitting there, waiting, and looking for me. He had texted me but I didn’t see it yet since I was buying some medicine. I sat by him and we faced each other kind of, but not directly. We talked to each other like two spies, meeting in a public place, chatting, but not able to sit and talk directly to each other. This whole trip just felt like endless movie scenes, unrealistic and romantic events that kept aligning, I was fucking loving it.

He said goodbye and went home for real this time. I got on my plane and went home. It was sweet to get back to my mountain apartment, peaceful and quiet. Though I still had the sounds of the city in my head, and I was still on an adrenaline rush from the past 24 hours.

I didn’t spend much time earlier speaking on how special the Norma Jeane suite was for me spiritually. My whole life I have pretended Marilyn was one of my spirit guides. I always aspired to be like her one day, a beautiful blonde to change the world. So that aspect was also a sign for me. Not only was the room named after her, but she lived there for several years with Joe Dimaggio. I walked in the same room she had, I never get star struck over celebs but that was pretty magical for me!

Along with the experience of traveling, and bonding with my already close friend even further, the whole trip was pretty unforgettable. So much was done in such little time, it felt more like a week rather than 24 hours I had been there. I was overwhelmed with joy! It is still to this day, one of my favorites, possibly my favorite trip this summer. It is hard because this same gent has spoiled me with several awesome trips. He just seems to out do himself every time.

I can’t wait to see the big city again one day, and I also can’t wait to see him again. xoxo

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