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Below is a list of goals, desires, and gifts that touch my heart. The best of gents make it to this page. Thank you for taking interest in helping me grow as a person, and model! If you would like to donate for any of these goals of mine you can send it to my paypal and leave your gift message in the note. (Make sure to send as friends and family so extra fees aren’t taken.) Thanks again for believing in me, and wanting to make me the happiest version of me I can be.




One of my dreams all my life was to be a Playmate! Well now it is possible, I actually did a playboy shoot the end of last year and was submitted to 15 different countries! My playboy photographer told me that unfortunately the internet has changed the magazine business.. along with technology being in everyone’s hands, a LOT of people are trying to become playboy models and photographer! So my submission is waiting in a VERY LONG queue to get published. My photographer did tell me they mostly accept paid submission now is why! It is said if I resubmit my set with ($3200) I will get a cover issue and 18 page pictorial ! Right now I am way to focus on paying off my car and trying to save for a home I won’t let myself invest in that. But if there is someone else who believes in me, and wants to open major doors in my modeling career then you can sponsor me to be published!



This year upgraded my vehicle because my last one was crashed and broke down every few months. I was able to put a down payment, but I still owe $14000 on it. So paying this off to get out of debt will be my first immediate goal. So regardless of donations this is something I will be working towards regardless.

My First Home

So technically an old 86 travel master RV was my first home, but this is my one true main goal. To buy land. To get a few acres with a home and garden on it. So I can finally have a piece of earth, to feel stable, secure, and safe. I want to build tree houses, Rv spots, cob/earth homes, and create a magical property. So I can put on elf ears and prance naked under the moonlight, have my own place to be free and wild, whatever I want. LOL! I don’t want to big of a house but I am using the law of attraction to manifest one day saving 20k-50k for a down payment to my own paradise! This is what all my companionship, cosplay, camming, and modeling efforts are pushing towards. For the past few years and the next few to come. I won’t stop til I reach THIS goal!


As sexy as I feel with my glasses, it is a constant stress and a feeling of a disability having to worry about glasses and fidgeting with contact lenses. As a model, I can’t stand the red spots my frames leave on my nose. So if anyone wants to spoil me to this procedure, why THANK YOU!


It would simply be a luxury to not have to shave! I LOVE having a smooth clean body, it would be even better if I never had to shave my downstairs again! I shave her pretty well but we know growing back is never any fun. I would love to be spoiled to smooth skin like a goddess!