goals & dreams


A Trip to Toronto!

I love this city and would love any chance to go back!! I require travel expenses covered for trips and a first class ticket usually is $500 up, depending on the season.



I am very confident and secure of who I am, and you would never be able to tell from pictures, or even in person. But my nose is just slightly crooked, as a model I would love to correct this early on in my career as I am starting to do TV and film. This is one of my biggest goals and the surgery for the doctor near me is roughly $8,000 Total. Something I plan on doing as soon as I can.


A new vehicle

Doesn’t have to be brand new, but I am definitely try to get an update car soon. As mine has been in a couple accidents and has over 200k miles. My a/c wonks out even when I get it fixed. So I would really love to be comfortable and have a newer ride! I am hoping to get something in the 12k range.

Dinner by Candle Light

A candle lit dinner is always a sexy date I would appreciate. this can be anywhere from 50-150 depending on the restaurant.


Drawing Tablet

I am an artist, I love to paint and draw! So I would love to learn digital art, it has been a goal of mine since I was a teen. The tablet I want on amazon is roughly $250! I can accept this gift by amazon gift card Just email me if you are interested in getting this for me. Email: EmilyMonroe@protonmail.com


Playboy Cover

One of my dreams has been to become a playmate. I have already done a shoot for them, but unfortunately it is in a LONG line of submissions. The photographer also told me they pretty much only do paid publications now. The magazine industry has definitely changed since the internet. If you want to help me get published, it is roughly $3200 for a cover publication. This would be major to my career to be recognized and published under one of the most world famous magazines!

Thank you for taking interest in helping me grow as a person, and model! If you would like to donate for any of these goals of mine you can send it to my paypal EmilyMonroe@protonmail.com and leave your gift message in the note. (Mind paypal takes a 2.9% transfer fee.)Thanks again for believing in me, and wanting to make me the happiest version of me I can be.